How to Maintain Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

For most of us, we are now into our second year of working from home. From what seemed like a nice change in scenery, the unexpected prolonged arrangement can now seem like we are constantly living in the office.

However, it is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance even, or rather especially, when working from home. Read on for some simple tips that can help achieve that!

1) Set Time Boundaries

Just as you should honour and respect your work schedule, you should also do the same for your personal time.

2) Structure Your Day

Section and break up your work day into blocks. Designate your time accordingly to avoid attempting to juggle housework, office work, and everything else at the same time. 

3) Have a Dedicated Workspace

If you have a spare room or area that you can use as a workspace, use that specifically for work purposes to create a separation between your work and personal life. If you cannot dedicate a specific area, even visual separation such as clearing out your laptop, files, notebooks from your desk when you are done for the day does the trick.

With work from home arrangements not seeing an end in sight in the near future, do try out these simple tips to help you with your work life balance.