Battle of the Scrubs : Salt vs Sugar vs Coffee

'I want silky smooth skin but where do I start?'

'Is one type of scrub better than the other?'

We hear you and are so excited that you want to get in on the benefits of exfoliating with body scrubs! In choosing a scrub, get to know the benefits of each scrub based on your goals.

1) Sea Salt Scrub

Our sea salt scrubs are strong exfoliants due to the sharp angles of the granules. Due to this, it works wonders for the overall body especially on areas with tougher skin such as feet and elbows. However, due to the abrasive nature of these salt granules, we do no recommend that it be used on the face.

2) Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are less abrasive as compare to salt scrubs. This makes it great for those seeking a milder overall body scrub. 

3) Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrubs are a little gritty with a mix of different ground coffee sizes. While some find it gentle enough to be used on the face, we recommend that it be largely used as a body scrub.

So there you have it - the simple differences of the different scrubs! The best option would be to have on hand different types of scrubs to suit your different needs at different times.