5 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Gel

Known as the 'Plant of Immortality', it is no wonder that aloe vera has stood the test of time in the beauty world.

For most of us, aloe vera is our go-to only for sunburns and burns itself. However, with it's varied uses, we'll explore five ways on how we can include aloe vera in our beauty routine so as not to miss out on all it's benefits!


1. Skin Hydrator

Massage aloe vera gel into skin, as needed, especially on areas where it is dry.

2. Leave-in Hair Conditioner

Massage aloe vera gel into hair and leave-in overnight for a softer and smoother hair.

3. After Shave Coolant

Apply aloe vera gel post-shave to soothe skin and lock in moisture.

4. Facial Mask Mix In

Mix some aloe vera gel with your favourite clay mask for that extra boost of moisture.

5. Setting Spray

Mix aloe vera gel with water and essential oils (optional) in a spray bottle and there you go - your own natural makeup setting spray!

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