Bye 2021, Hello 2022!

With the year coming to end, it is time to reflect and take time to unwind from all the stresses 2021 presented and look forward to all that 2022 has in store.

For some of us, this year might have been one of sacrifices and of putting the needs of others over the needs of ourselves. Thus, it is now time to invest in some self-loving and caring not just for our body but for our mind & soul too.

So where do we start?

1. Make room for healthy habits

Start by caring about what you do on a daily basis - what you eat, your exercise routine or the hobbies you enjoy. Instead of simply doing something because someone is telling you to or something that you feel obligated to partake in, do it because you care for you and that by having these positive habits, you feel much happier with yourself.

It can be as simple as creating a gentle skincare routine using products like the Matcha Oats Scrub, joining a yoga class or learning to do pottery.

2. Find things in life to be grateful for

While 2021 may not have been the easiest, there are things we can all be grateful for. It may vary from one individual to another but no matter how small it is, we should be thankful for being able to experience it.

By doing so, it helps shift the mind from only focusing on the bad or negative aspects of our lives and shed some light on the good things that are there.

It can be as simple as being grateful that your favorite snack is available at the grocery store or something more meaningful like being thankful that you get to be in the presence of your loved ones even during a pandemic.

3. Forgiving ourselves

The most human thing is making mistakes as no one is perfect but we are sometimes to hard on
ourselves for these mistakes that we make. Whether it was a big one or a tiny one, we have to learn to forgive and not continue to torment or punish ourselves for it.

By forgiving, we are letting go of the regrets and baggages and can then work on being a better version of ourselves.

With that said, here's to a very happy new year - full of hope, expectations, adventures and joy!