Moisturisers : So Which Is Best?

Now that you have been introduced to the three types of moisturisers, the question then is which should you use and how?

Simply put, there is no one type of moisturiser that is better than the other. Rather, it depends on your skin type and needs. The best way you used them and reap the benefits of each type is to layer them!

So how do you layer them? 

We recommend starting off with the thinnest to thickest consistency. This means, humectants should go first, followed by emollients and finally occlusives to top it all off. Depending on factors such as the needs of your skin at the particular time, you may not even need to layer all three types each time you moisturise.

 For example, first apply our aloe vera gel which will help deliver moisture to your skin. Once absorbed, follow on with a natural emollient like jojoba oil and/or an occlusive like shea butter to 'seal' in all that moisture.

Giving your skin what it needs will leave it feeling hydrated and refreshed without any excessive greasiness.

So go on and don't be afraid to layer your products that play nicely together, to create a simple routine for your skin! Just remember to always do patch tests to avoid any unwanted reactions and outcome.