3 Reasons to Pamper Your Feet

'May your feet take you where your heart wants to go'

Imagine this - you come back after long day of being out and about. You kick back, soak your feet in a warm foot bath and binge on your favourite show on Netflix. Absolute bliss.

Need more convincing? Read on.

1) Relief Aches

When used with salt based foot soaks, such as ours, the salt helps in relaxing cramped muscles and reducing inflammation in your feet.

2) Blood Circulation

Soaking feet in warm water stimulates blood circulation. The increased blood circulation thus carries more oxygen throughout the body.

3) Reduces Anxiety

As foot baths help one relax and unwind, foot baths have been thought to help with depression as they can help decrease anxiety.

So there you go! Don't take your feet for granted but do pamper them and treat them well for all they have done for you!