3 Tips for Overcoming Monday Blues

We have all been there - for some it even starts on Sunday evenings. But Mondays should not be feared nor should it be dreaded. In fact, it is yet another day with full of possibilities and hope.

Here are some tips to overcome your Monday blues so as not waste your precious days :

Tip 1 : Work-free Weekend

Pack your weekend with fun activities or no activities at all. You do you. Whatever it is, try to make the weekend truly yours - not muddled with work so that when Monday comes, you'd be fully recharged and ready to take it on.

Tip 2 : Make Mondays Special

Dress up in your favourite outfit, have your favourite breakfast, try out new coffee shops every Monday for your morning coffee. The idea is to do something different or special on Mondays so that you will change the narrative of what Mondays mean to you.

Tip 3 : Plan Ahead

Plan and organise your Mondays on Fridays so that you'd know what to do, what to expect and thus already be mentally prepared for it sans the stress and worry.

This are some of our tips that help us and hopefully will help you too! So go on now and take your Mondays head on - you've got it!